Your StarFire modules feature 32 cue of firing power. Make your StarFire system more capable by adding quick connect slats. These slats connect to the StarFire centronics connector for drop in upgrade to quick connect ematches.

32 Cue Quick Connect Slat

Take your performance in the field up a notch with quick connect ematches. Add this functionality to your StarFire system with muuxBRD slats.

Replace your existing speaker terminal slats and still use your existing cables to connect muuxBRD QC-32 slat to your module.

1+ $34.99
10+ $32.99
25+ $30.99

32 Cue Direct Connect Slat

Use quick connect ematches, and skip the cables, connect your new slats directly to your module. No cables to buy, store, maintain or replace. These slats work with your StarFire system and quick connect ematches.

Make the most of your dollar and time, save money without cables, and time with quick connect ematches.

1+ $32.99
10+ $30.99
25+ $29.99


Add your company logo, custom color will make your slats exclusively YOURS. Maybe a custom configuration with series or parallel connections. Need boards for a custom mounting option, or maybe unique connectors to fit your specific needs.

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