• Cobra Firing System Unboxing

    This past Black Friday I decided to make an order from Cobra Firing Systems. This system is all the rage by those who are in the know. Cobra has a grass roots following who are not to be taken lightly. So today I unbox my order and take a quick look at the system. On a future system we will take a more detailed look at this system and others.

  • Simplifire Mongoose Unboxing

    I picked up a package while at SkyWars this year from Don Kark of Simplifire. Don introduced the Simplifire Mongoose firing system to help fill a gap in the wireless firing system market. Today I am just getting started by unboxing these units for a quick look. In a future video we will take a deep dive into this firing system and some others.

  • SkyWars World Record Fireball on Thermal Camera

    Crowd favorite at SkyWars is hands down the fireballs from Fireball Dudes. Bill Corbett this year has stepped up his game to help put SkyWars on the world record map. I decided to try something different this year. Fireballs are obviously very visually appealing, but almost more important is the wave of infrared heat that hits you in the face. But to appreciate the heat I used a thermal camera to gain a new view of the now famous fireball.

  • SKYWARS 2022 Behind the Scenes Part 2

    We’re back for the big day, all the final preparation is happening, and the main event is tonight. New to the sky this year are short laser shows between the shows, as well as an intermission from pyro featuring 200 choreographed drones lighting up the sky from Sky Elements. Skywars brings the heat with the Fireball Dudes, with a world record attempt fireball!

  • SKYWARS 2022 Behind the Scenes

    Back again for the biggest best SKYWARS to date! This year has many first, and a slightly new format. But today is a behind the scenes look of what the Missouri Pyrotechnics Association does to put on the pyro! Join me as I look at unique setups that these pyros from all over the country are putting together.

  • What is the QuickSplit-12P?

    Today I give you the latest additions to the QuickSplit collection. The QS-12P is a parallel wired version of the original QuickSplit-12. Depending on your firing system you might be able to fire ematches in parallel vs. series. Because of the parallel configuration there is no need for jumper, just simply plug in up to 12 quick connect or quick plug ematches.

  • Unboxing fireTEK FTQ-99Sx Controller

    I purchased the latest controller from fireTEK. In this video I unbox my latest package from Romania the home of fireTEK. This controller supports the latest 64 cue modules with a color screen and built in audio player.

  • Protecting QuickSplit Slats

    If you want to learn about several options for protecting the QuickSplit slats from muuxBRD check out this video!

  • Protecting SpringLever Slats

    In this video I’ll show you how to protect your SpringLever slats from muuxBRD.

  • Protecting Cobra Quick Connect Slats

    Let’s take a looks at a short video about how to protect your Cobra compatible 18 cue quick connect slats from muuxBRD.

  • Fireballs from SkyWars

    Let’s take a closer behind the scenes look at the crowd pleasing fireballs. SkyWars has become known for it’s fireball displays by many locals. Let’s take a in detail look at some of the Fireball Dudes work from SkyWars this year!

  • SkyWars 2021 Day 2

    Day 2 in the field you can start to see things coming together the day before SkyWars! Including some clips from the MOPyro favorite, Blind Pyro!

  • SkyWars 2021 Day 1

    Come along with me as I head out to SkyWars, and check out the setup in the field at Innsbrook. If you have never been to SkyWars start making plans to attend next year. Check out the video and let’s go see if we can see any muuxBRD slats in the field.

  • What are quick connect ematches? (aka QuickPlugs)

    Have you heard of quick connect or quickplug ematches? If you aren’t sure, or want to learn more check out this video about the latest in ematch technology. You might be surprised how much time you can save using quick connect ematches.

  • Series wiring of Quick Connect ematches?

    If you are using or thinking about using quick connect ematches (aka. Quickplugs) you’re probably wondering how to wire them in series. If you want to learn how to connect ematches in series, and specifically quick connect/quickplug ematches check out the video below.

  • QuickSplit-12 Intro

    If you are interested in quick connect ematches, you might be asking yourself how do I wire these in series? The answer is using the QuickSplit. This video shows you the basics of the QuickSplit-12 capable of wiring up to 12 quick connect ematches in series.