• Protecting QuickSplit Slats

    If you want to learn about several options for protecting the QuickSplit slats from muuxBRD check out this video!

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  • Protecting SpringLever Slats

    In this video I’ll show you how to protect your SpringLever slats from muuxBRD.

  • Protecting Cobra Quick Connect Slats

    Let’s take a looks at a short video about how to protect your Cobra compatible 18 cue quick connect slats from muuxBRD.

  • Fireballs from SkyWars

    Let’s take a closer behind the scenes look at the crowd pleasing fireballs. SkyWars has become known for it’s fireball displays by many locals

  • SkyWars 2021 Day 2

    Day 2 in the field you can start to see things coming together the day before SkyWars! Including some clips from the MOPyro favorite, Blind Pyro!

  • SkyWars 2021 Day 1

    Come along with me as I head out to SkyWars, and check out the setup in the field at Innsbrook.

  • What are quick connect ematches? (aka QuickPlugs)

    Have you heard of quick connect or quickplug ematches? If you aren’t sure, or want to learn more check out this video about the latest in ematch technology. You might be surprised how much time you can save using quick connect ematches.

  • Series wiring of Quick Connect ematches?

    If you are using or thinking about using quick connect ematches (aka. Quickplugs) you’re probably wondering how to wire them in series. If you want to learn how to connect ematches in series, and specifically quick connect/quickplug ematches check out the video below.

  • QuickSplit-12 Intro

    If you are interested in quick connect ematches, you might be asking yourself how do I wire these in series? The answer is using the QuickSplit. This video shows you the basics of the QuickSplit-12 capable of wiring up to 12 quick connect ematches in series.