QuickSplit 6×3

Quick Connect ematch technology is saving technicians time with each show. One problem is how to series your quick connect ematches? The QuickSplit 6 by 3 allows Cobra users with RJ45 connections to series wire up to 3 ematches in each of 6 cues.

3 Ematches on 6 Cues

Most pyros agree series wiring of multiple ematches to one cue is superior to parallel wiring. Use the QuickSplit 3×6 to connect up to 3 ematches in series to each cue.



  • Use with 1 to 3 quick connect ematches
  • RJ45* Connection Compatible with Cobra.**
  • Includes eight 2-pin jumpers.
  • Storage of jumpers when not in use.

*RJ45 cable not included.

**Cobra support includes modules with slat connections via RJ45.

How to use?

Series wiring requires a continuous path through all ematches to be fired. When using less than 3 ematches empty ports need to have a jumper.

Purchase a bag of 20 spare jumpers for $1.99

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