Parallel wired QuickSplit


Pyros agree, wiring more than one quick connect ematch per cue can be a challenge. The QuickSplit was born! The original QuickSplit was a series configuration, but depending on your application you may prefer parallel wiring.

Many IGNITE user prefer parallel wiring, and the QS-12P is what you need! Wire up to 12 quick connect ematches in parallel in seconds.

QS-12 Foam Backer


Cover and insulate the electrical connections on the back side of board

QS-12 Base


Add rigidity, back side protection, and isolate electrical connections.

QuickSplit-12 Enclosure


Give your slats added rigidity, full protection, and isolate electrical connections. Sold individually.

QuickSplit Jumpers

25-pack: $1.99

Need some extra jumpers for use with your QuickSplit boards or your series slats? They come packed 25/bag.

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