Standard offerings include slats for some of the most popular firing systems on the market. Other products are always in various stages of development. As I am a one man operation my priorities are often driven by my customers needs. If you don’t see something, please contact me for more information.


Cobra offers a myriad of offerings for the professional and amateur markets. I think you’ll find muuxBRD offers a compliment of accessories.

FireOne & Starfire

FireOne and Starfire share a common interface allowing muuxBRD slats to fit both systems.


If you’re using fireTEK and their RJ45 rails, now you can use quick connects!


Simplifire Mongoose offers a robust wireless system with two slat outputs for each field unit.


The QuickSplit allows technicians to series wires multiple quick connect ematches. No more cutting and stripping wire to series ematches.

Let’s build something together.

Custom projects are part of what make muuxBRD unique. Custom solutions are what I enjoy most, making the things to make your job easier, better, faster, cheaper. I can help you bring those ideas to life, whether you want a prototype to try, or a production of 1000’s of units. Contact me to discuss and get a quote.