Cobra firing systems offer a variety of firing modules in many configurations. See some options below, but don’t forget customization is always an option. Don’t see what you’re looking for, contact me to bring your ideas to life.

18 Cue QuickLever

Tired of speaker terminals? Try the QuickLever connector on your next Cobra slats. Connect your traditional ematches to this 18 cue slat. When you raise the lever to open the contacts they stay open until your ready to connect your ematch. Once closed the connector applies constant compression to maintain connection. Use your standard Cobra cables to connect to your firing module.

1+ $34.99
10+ $32.99
25+ $30.99

18 Cue Standard Slat

Connect 18 cues to your module using quick connect ematch technology. Use standard Cobra cables to connect to your firing module. This 2 board design provides a bezel to help protect connectors, and provide superior ematch retention.

1+ $17.99
10+ $16.99
25+ $14.99

18 Cue Series Slat

Connect 18 quick connect ematches just like the standard, but also features series output. Add more slats to fire more ematches in series. This slat also features a double board design to protect your connectors.

1+: $19.99
10+ $18.99
25+ $16.99


Want a custom configuration to meet your needs? How about just adding your company logo, or custom color option. Bring your idea from a sketch on paper to a proof of concept, and maybe a 10 or 1000 units in production.

Pricing for custom orders is handled on a case by case basis. Orders over $500 generally qualify for a custom logo at little or no charge.

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